I am a vintage Ford Mustang Collector, a watch collector and consultant for over 30 years, and a small business owner. I have several watch professionals involved and our site brings you horology, news, culture and more.  Our goal is to offer entertainment, information, a variety of  watches for all who love and appreciate the art and a watch repair network.
We are here to share our watches, a love of horology and our knowledge.

Our inventory features a variety of vintage, collectable and other great time pieces available for purchase.
These pieces are available from our personal collections and from our members and clients.

We also provide consulting for sales or purchasing. We charge a negotiated fee to assist clients in searching for authentic pieces or to sell them. We do the research. We can find highly sought after pieces at competitive current market prices.

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We offer a limited repair service for collectors. Repairs are evaluated by an advisory team and the estimate and details of the repair are offered. You decide to move forward or not. Our system provides lower cost maintenance in a world with a shortage of watchmakers! We will be providing more details about this program soon. Take a look at our Repair page for more.




 All of our available time pieces are listed with as much information as possible, along with photos, and are sold “as is”. All timepieces are reviewed by our advisors and a watch smith and are represented accurately in their descriptions and photos.