Watch Hobby USA Watch Collector Repair Club

How it works:
1. Fill out the club repair form and agree to the terms of service
2 Attach photo of your item
3. You will receive an email confirming your submission.
4. Your item will be evaluated and you will receive an email confirming the estimate and approximate time frame for repair.
5. Your 50 % deposit is due to initiate repair.
6. You will receive an email when your item is ready with a photo and final invoice.
7. Your balance is due at completion before your item is returned.

Please read our repair group agreement and submit the form to begin your repair process.

We encourage you to photograph your items prior to sending them to document the contents and packaging.  We can’t guarantee that all watches can make it through shipping without possible issues. We urge you to insure your package at top replacement value.

Upon confirming your initial estimate and approving your service, we will request a deposit to begin work. All instructions will be emailed to you.


Please fill out and submit the form below.
Use the signature field to agree to the repair club terms before submitting.

* Your time frame for repair is an estimate. There can be no guarantees on specific dates for completion due to the possibility of part delays. Your estimate will be as close as possible and you will be notified of any delay via email,

*  This is a service created for and by watch collectors. Our advisors and watch makers all assist in your watch repair, modification and restorations. This is not a watch repair shop. You’re item is serviced by one of the watch makers in our network. You will be notified of who is performing your work along with your initial submission and estimate. This is why our clients get better than average service prices. Your fees go toward the person or persons servicing your piece and any other costs associated with your repair or service.

*  You have the right to cancel continuation of your service or repair at any time. Work already completed and not covered by the initial deposit is due before your piece will be returned. If there is a disagreement, project emails will be pulled, and there will be a review of the specific situation.

*  We are not responsible for other problems arising from the actual repair. Certain watch parts can be fine and break without warning. You will be notified immediately if something breaks or changes on your piece during the repair. Every detail to care is taken from arrival to return. You will be notified of any issues via email.

*  Once your work is complete your final payment is due. You will receive a photo, description of work, final total due amount to confirm your repair. Your watch will be shipped to you upon receipt of payment. If final payment is delayed additional charges can begin after 10 business days for interest and storage.

*  If your repair is not paid for within 90 days of completion we will reserve the right to notify you of intent to sell or auction the item. We certainly hope this option is never required, but we must include it.

*  Once you accept our agreement, follow the shipping directions and you will receive the confirmation of your estimate to accept or decline.

I accept the terms of this agreement. I understand this a group of watch professionals utilizing the services of several watchmakers,  managing repairs and services and assisting with parts purchases for the collecting community and others requiring assistance. This group always recommends use of your local watchmaker first,  as there is a shortage of these. This is an option for owners and collectors with numerous pieces, the need for creativity, research and patience to solve vintage and special issues.

I agree that my time piece will be shipped to the Watch Hobby USA Repair Group with the required deposit in order for any work to begin . I agree to the estimate and deposit amount. Once my item has been received and evaluated, I will receive the original estimate confirmation or a repair change form. I agree to accept or decline repair at this time. I agree to complete the deposit payment or I agree to pay a $30.00 evaluation and return shipping fee if I choose to cancel.


make and all model information available
non essential or cosmetic issues that need an estimate
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