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The Watch Hobby Times and Gazette
12/8/19 – Edition 1, Vol 4

I am happy to announce the official launch of I’m really looking forward to the Culture Vault, it’s going to have everything you can think of. It is it’s own website, inside the watch site,  and it’s free, educational and entertaining! Of course, our main site will have much to offer collectors, enthusiasts and technicians.

My name is Nick Caffacus and I am a watch collector and vintage watch specialist with over 45 years of playing with every brand and type of watch imaginable. My love for watches comes from my father, growing up in a most exciting time for the industry, a passion for the art of watchmaking  and my  fascination with motors and power. Also, my great grandfather was the Greek Orthodox priest and the watch smith on our ancestral island of Ikaria, Greece throughout his 120 year life!
As a musician, I also see the relationship horology has with music and musical instruments. I was born in 1965 and lived to see, and remember, the whole quartz revolution, the crisis, the digitals, the Moon watch and so much mort during the crazy ’70’s. I am a collector and lover of old watches and all things vintage! You can learn more about me, my businesses and my music at

I started this site to bring my love of horology, vintage items, information, entertainment, and to assist with my watch sales, consulting and creating a repair network. I also enjoy being a part of the progression of this hobby. It is an exciting time with many new collectors and a renewed interest in real timepieces.

A little about our watch sales
I will be featuring many very nice, working and affordable vintage watches here on a regular basis. We will also be listing watches owned by my other partners in this site as well as consignments from clients

Thanks for your visit and please visit for more information about me.
Nick Caffacus
Watch Collector, Musician and Business Owner


We will consider repair service to almost every make and model of watch, whether it’s a simple repair or a complete overhaul.  We are a group of collectors and qualified watch repair experts. We will provide you with a repair estimate and course of action before asking you to ship your watch. Our repair service offers the services and resources of several professional watch smiths and watch experts to our collectors, and all of our clients .

Watch repair is not simple and we have an extreme shortage of good watch smiths and watch makers all over the world. As collectors, this is our solution to the shortage of skilled craftsmen for our highly sophisticated machines.  Many repairs on older watches are subject to the availability of specialized pieces that may be difficult and time consuming to locate. We have a network to assist with the search.

We service pretty much any make, model and age watches, including Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantine, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Omega, Longines, Glashutte, Tag-Heuer, Bulova, Sinn, Seiko, Citizen, Swiss Army, Zenith, Montblanc, Elgin, Lorus, Bulova, Timex and any others you have!

We ask that you fill out our form to receive an initial repair estimate. You can then choose to use our suggested course of action. We will supply you with shipping and deposit information and the next stop will be the work bench. We then confirm your 1st estimate or inform you of any additional needs or parts issues. You can choose again at this time to proceed with your repair. We will assist you in making decisions based on this information.